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Suite 1103, Block D1
Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Office
Building, 19 Dongfang Road East
Chaoyang District, Beijing,
Post Code 100600

Asia Group

While our primary focus is in the United States, Ajia's founding roots are in Asia. We target global investment and advisory opportunities with particular focus on the Pacific Rim.   

Cross Border Advisory Services

Ajia Merchant Banking provides customized solutions to assist businesses and individuals and corporations in navigating the complexities of conducting business in Asia. With particular focus on China, Korea and Japan, we advise businesses on the intricacies of conducting cross boarder transactions based upon individual country requirements and cultural history. The complexity of these laws, cultures and customs of conduct can make or break a new venture.

In today's increasingly global economy, there are many entities which have a product or service that will be valued internationally. However, businesses often charge head first across borders and too often don't take into account specific political, cultural, and economic differences. Our advisors consist of world-class experts in global strategy, finance, turnaround and productivity, international law and technology.

We offer a number of market entry and country introduction services that leverage the right people.

Activities include:

  • Capital Raises,
  • Merger and Acquisitions 
  • Global Strategic and Operations Implementations
  • Import/Export Sourcing