Ajia Holdings, LLC
New York:
52 West 14th St.
Suite 2C
New York, NY 10011
Email: info@ajiaholdings.com

Suite 1103, Block D1
Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Office
Building, 19 Dongfang Road East
Chaoyang District, Beijing,
Post Code 100600

     Ajia Holdings and Ajia Group are family offices overseeing private investment of select individuals and families from the United States, Asia and the Middle East.  Ajia Holdings is comprised of longtime investors who enjoy investing and supporting thriving enterprises around the world.  We are passionate about our relationships and look for like-minded passionate people to invest in. 

Passion: “a strong liking or intense enthusiasm for a subject or activity.”

    In all our business endeavors we seek to become trusted friends and viewed as experienced allies.  Put simply, we seek to become dedicated supporters of talented people.  People who are driven by desires beyond financial returns.  However, financial returrns are an important measure of success.  Therefore, we impose high standards for our investment partners and for ourselves.


    In partnering with passionate people and organizations, our greatest successes are measured not only in terms of financial success, but more importantly, how deeply we can grow our relationships. We seek to invest in passionate people who are willing and able to create, nurture and share in passionate communities…we know from experience that the greatest financial returns always follow.


    Passionate people, by definition, are motivated by reasons beyond profits.  They seek to create organizations that fuel their own passion in whatever product or service they are selling.  We at the Ajia Group strive to create a passionate community of our own.  We endeavor to follow the same principals in our investing style and management as we ask of our business partners. As a result our criteria for investment is very strict.  See Investment Criteria.


     Our belief in investing in passionate people and businesses is not unique.  Many successful companies have been built based upon this philosophy.  Often referred to as a “Cult Brands” these businesses share unique characteristics that define them as “worthy of devotion.”  See Ajia Culture.