Advisory Services

Our advisors consist of world-class experts in global strategy, finance, turnaround and productivity, international law and technology. Activities include capital raises, merger acquisitions and global strategic and operations implementations.

We rely upon our international partners in Asia to support our capital investment and provide corporate advisory services to our clients.  Ajia Holdings, LLC was launched in 2010 to capitalize on these longstanding business relationships.  For more information about our advisory services contact

  • Cross Border Advisory Services - Provides advisory services for those seeking cross boarder business between Asia and the US.
  • Corporate Finance Services - Corporate finance advisory services with a global focus on private transactions.


Cross Border Advisory Services

Ajia provides customized solutions to assist businesses and individuals in navigating the complexities of conducting business in Asia. We advise businesses on the intricacies of conducting cross boarder transactions throughout Asia with particular focus on China, Korea and Japan.

The complexity of laws, culture and customs of conduct can make or break a new venture. We offer a number of market entry and country introduction services that leverage the right people with proven processes.

In today's increasingly global economy, there are many entities which have a product or service that will be valued internationally. However, businesses often charge head first across borders and too often don't take into account specific political, cultural, and economic differences.

Corporate Finance Services

We also provide corporate finance services for private companies seeking capital for expansion financings, recapitalizations or balance sheet restructuring.  We can aid in cross-border financings used to hedge foreign currency risk or to provide growth capital.

We focus primarily on companies operating between Asia and the United States and are largely focused on the natural resource sector, sustainable manufacturing and real estate.