Investment Criteria


We seek to create trusted lifelong relationships with our partners, owners and business operators.  For more information about our investment guidelines please contact  We seek investment opportunities in the United States based on the following criteria:

A Passionate Community - We will only invest in a business in which the entire community is passionate about the product or service.  This community starts with the owners and managers of the business and extends to the employees in the organization.  Most importantly, we must see strong loyalty and enthusiasm for the product or service among the community of buyers.  Passionate companies embrace their customers by anticipating basic and spiritual human needs.  In today’s digital world, being able to verify this passion among the community is our most important investment requirement.

A Sound Management Team - A solid, complete management team with leadership ability is a must.  Essentially we are investing in people.  Therefore we must see evidence that a business is in the hands of people who are knowledgeable, competent and trustworthy – and passionate.  Furthermore they must possess the skills to lead the business and the organization to the next level.  A complete management team will include skilled, knowledgeable people who know about marketing and selling products, manufacturing, managing people, and accounting.

A Sound Business Strategy - We must see a business strategy that’s both convincing and complete.  We must see a vision for the company with details of how to get there.  Detailed financial projections, marketing plans, and specifics about the market and communities in which the business operates is a must.

The Opportunity to be Actively Involved - We seek return beyond financial profits; therefore we must be able to actively participate in developing the business. We act as a mentor and take an active role in managing the company or a prominent seat on the Board of Directors.  We only seek to invest in businesses where long-term personal partnerships can be built around relationships of mutual respect and trust.

Business Guidelines

In addition to our commitment to investing in passionate organizations, we have specific business guidelines that further refine our investment processes.

  • Companies that have sustainable differentiated advantages such as patents, first mover advantage, world-class technologists, proprietary process, and/or key customers under contract.
  • Companies with good management that can execute the business plan rapidly, provide sound cash management, raise additional cash, and adjust the business plan when necessary. We invest in managers with industry expertise who are driven and can change and act swiftly in implementing the business plan.
  • Companies where the majority of the Board of Directors who possess solid business experience in the industry and/or stage of the company.  We seek Directors with good contacts for initial customers and/or for raising capital.
  • Companies with business plans that effectively address the technology, customer acquisition, and competitive challenges to establishing the business with realistic gross margins, unit volume, and return on capital invested.
  • Companies that have demonstrated an ability to work in partnership with sources of capital and have worked with co-investors for the betterment of the company and all investors.
  • Companies that have large and/or rapidly growing markets or can realistically create such a market with a low risk of market loss to alternative technologies.