Ajia Holdings, LLC
New York:
52 West 14th St.
Suite 2C
New York, NY 10011
Email: info@ajiaholdings.com

Suite 1103, Block D1
Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Office
Building, 19 Dongfang Road East
Chaoyang District, Beijing,
Post Code 100600

Ajia Holdings LLC

Ajia Holdings LLC is a family office formed in 2004. Our primary goal is finding and fostering trusted business relationships around the world.

Our People create the foundation for our success and are the basis of our investment philosophy. We seek to create trusted lifelong relationships with our team, investors, advisors and with company owners and operators. Our investment of time and human capital is substantial. In return, we only seek to work with partners that are willing to "take the interest of others as their own” in both life and business.

"Our relationships are our measure of success." - Ajia Group

Ajia Group Fund

Ajia Group Fund is a privately held investment group that is primarily focused on seed and early-stage business ventures. As a privately held partnership, we maintain a truly long-term approach and focus exclusively on serving the long-term needs of a growing business.

Investments require significant time commitment on our part. We stay involved and work with companies to assist – aggressively if necessary - in their success. We ask tough questions while always seeking to provide a pathway to success from those questions.

Our focus is on Cult Brands that will open new, large market opportunities. See Investment Criteria.

Portfolio companies are expected to be available to the investment professionals and assist fellow portfolio companies when critical situations occur. In addition, portfolio companies are expected to participate in internal committees, as well as attend the annual retreat.


Ajia Merchant Bank

Ajia Holdings recently formed the Merchant Banking group in 2010.This newly formed group is dedicated to finding and executing investment opportunities in Asia.

  • Aija Merchant Banking - Ajia Holdings LLC provides merchant banking and corporate finance services with specific focus on Asia.
  • China Opportunities Fund I - Investment Fund focusing on businesses in Asia
  • Cross Border Advisory Services - Provides advisory services for those seeking cross boarder business between Asia and the US.