Ajia Group

As a privately held partnership, we maintain a truly long-term approach and focus exclusively on serving the long-term needs of our partners and businesses.

Investments require significant time commitment on our part. We stay involved and work with companies to assist – aggressively if necessary - in their success. We ask tough questions while always seeking to provide a pathway to success from those questions.


Our primary goal is finding and fostering trusted business relationships between the America and Asia. Comprised of longtime investors from the United States and Asia, we enjoy investing and supporting passionate people in operating global businesses in America and Asia.

We at Ajia Group believe life's riches are found in the people you choose to surround yourself with.  Balancing the demands of work and one's personal relationships is the key to unlocking those riches.  In all our business endeavors, we seek to become both trusted friends and long-term business partners.

Ajia Holdings, LLC

Our advisors consist of world-class experts in global strategy, finance, turnaround and productivity, international law and technology. Activities include capital raises, merger acquisitions and global strategic and operations implementations.

We rely upon our international partners in Asia to support our capital investment and provide corporate advisory services to our clients.  Ajia Holdings, LLC was launched in 2010 to capitalize on these longstanding business relationships.  For more information about our advisory services contact

  • Cross Border Advisory Services - Provides advisory services for those seeking cross boarder business between Asia and the US.
  • Corporate Finance Services - Corporate finance advisory services with a global focus on private transactions.


Ajia Group is dedicated to finding and executing investment opportunities in Asia.

  • Aija Holdings, LLC - provides merchant banking and corporate finance services with specific focus on Asia.
  • Cross Border Advisory Services - Provides advisory services for those seeking cross boarder business between Asia and the US.